What’s on at Hostex 2022!

Hostex 2022 is back at the Sandton Convention Centre from 26-28 June, with a refreshed show where the industry can network, catch up on the latest trends, and browse innovative products designed to take your business to the next level. Here’s a taste of what’s on at the industry’s leading platform.


DrillClean launches GreaseOff (stand E16)

With a new eco-friendly, cost-effective product called GreaseOff taking pride of place on their stand, DrillClean is excited to share the product’s benefits with Hostex 2022 visitors. “The product breaks down animal fat in grease traps – quite a few hotels and restaurants are already using it, so we believe Hostex will be the ideal place to exhibit and grow the product.”


Meet Billy Now (stand D09)

Billy Now is showcasing locally produced corporate and promotional wear with all the bells and whistles at Hostex. Billy Now Corporate is a niche corporate uniform and clothing company that focuses on small restaurant groups and boutique hotels, creating an upmarket feel and fit, featuring strong individuality.


Ambience Hospitality’s leading hotelware brands (stand A14)

Ambience is back at Hostex with three new brands – Bauscher Crockery, Shonwald Crockery Germany, and Zieher Luxury Buffetware. The company’s focus is on quality and performance of cutlery, crockery, buffetware, and table-top products.


Grub’s up at Matomani (stand E15a)

Mopani grub-based products make their debut at Hostex this year. Matomani, which manufactures a range of mopani grub-based products is exhibiting at Hostex for the first time, launching their new-on-the-market mopani grub snacks, mopani powder, mopani cracker biscuits and mopani protein bars. “We’re also proud to be showing our Mopani powder flour – it’s a protein alternative with 60% protein, and it’s high inf fibre and iron. This is a superfood that changes lives for the better!”

Activities: Come and taste the mopani grub-based foods at the Matomani stand.


Minnie’s Food Enterprises (stand A02)

Minnie’s Food Enterprises has secured a Gauteng distributor and is exhibiting at Hostex 2022 because it offers an ideal opportunity to showcase their products to potential buyers – especially their new range of Minnie’s-branded sauces. The company manufactures over 50 food products.


Carrington Cookies freshly baked (stand C22)

Carrington Cookies is introducing its new brand of gourmet cookie dough to the hospitality market. The ready-to-bake cookie dough is conveniently pre-cut to ensure consistency, and made from organic whole ingredients such as butter and eggs. No additives, preservatives, or ingredient replacements are used in their products.

Activities: Cookies will be baking on the Carrington Cookies stand for tasting throughout the show.


Culinary Engineering’s Gwatamatic machine (stand D02)

Hostex first-timer Culinary Engineering is introducing its new Gwatamatic at Hostex. The machine consistently cooks high-quality mealie pap automatically on a large scale. “This is probably the first successful attempt to reduce the entire pap cooking recipe to digital code. This means that the operator doesn’t need to know how to cook pap. There is only one ‘start’ button that starts the digital recipe, and after that, there’s no human involvement in the cooking process, which means the same quality of pap is repeatable time and again,” the company states.


SOGA Organics citrus juices (stand B15)

SOGA Organics is a returning exhibitor that produces the only certified organic citrus juice products in South Africa. “We’re excited to be back at Hostex – we enjoy this trade show and believe it’s a wonderful platform to engage with fellow exhibitors, members of the hospitality industry and the general public. It’s also a great way to explore potential new stockists and export opportunities.”


FRÜT SA’s frozen fruit products (stand B09)

FRÜT SA is introducing its product ranges that include IQF fruit and vegetables and fruit syrups that are free from artificial flavourings and colourants for smoothies and other applications.


TabletPOS talks tech (stand C16)

A long-standing exhibitor, TabletPOS will be showcasing its new Lightspeed brand, and will highlight their partners – MarketMan.com, Roomraccoon.com and Roubler.com. “For us it’s always worthwhile to be at Hostex, both in terms of brand awareness and profitability.”

Activities: Live demos on the stand – how their products can transform businesses through technology.


Topia Water – bottled and on tap (stand b10)

Topia Water is a first-time exhibitor, with a range of water solutions designed for the hospitality industry – from dishwasher-safe, reusable glass bottles, to a sleek integrated bottler tap system that offers still or sparkling on demand, at the pull of a tap. “With the market finding its way back to where it used to be, there’s no better time to get back into the swing of things – and we’ll be kicking things off again, starting at Hostex 2022.”

Activities: Taste Topia Water for yourself and have a sneak peek at the new Topia cordial flavour!


Core Catering is connecting with clients (stand B21)

Core Catering has been a Hostex exhibitor for over 20 years – and relishes the opportunity to showcase the brand to clients and connect with the wider industry at the show. The highlight on the Core stand at Hostex 2022 is Libby Glassware – Libby is the no. 1 supplier of hospitality-grade glassware to the industry. Also on show will be Marola Crockery, APS Buffetware, and other items.


Enviromall’s packaging is made from plants (stand C04)

Enviromall is a returning exhibitor with a range of eco-friendly bakers range packaging in different sizes, as well as new branded product and gift boxes. Enviromall says it has picked up excellent leads from Hostex in the past, and this year it will be showcasing packaging that enables clients to differentiate their products with eco-friendly packaging that looks good and is kind to the earth.


Moutai sorghum liquor from China (stand A12 – TEC Turbo Imports)

Chinese distiller, Kweichow Moutai, is at Hostex 2022 to launch a Chinese sorghum liquor product to the South African market called Moutai, which is described as unique in taste and made in clay pots, mostly by hand.


Nespresso’s great coffee (stand E10a)

According to Nespresso, “Who we are and what we stand for is rooted in our coffee expertise, our innovative spirit and the farmers we work with. We’ve spent the past 30 years fine-tuning our know-how, partnering with the finest craftsmen along the way. We work with people who care as much about the details as we do. In the end, that’s what makes the difference.”


On The Green Side shows tasty alternative to chicken (stand D4a)

On The Green Side is introducing a range of plant-based chicken alternative, vegan-friendly food products. The products are ready-to-heat, versatile when it comes to meal creation, and the perfect alternative to chicken. It contains 16g protein per 100g, and is nutritious and delicious, clean label, sustainable, gluten free and GMO free. There’s no one else in the market producing a chicken alternative product like ours in taste, texture and quality,” says the company.

Activities: Come and taste On The Green Side’s plant-based chicken alternative food products.


Printers for Africa on show (stand B03)

Printers for Africa is showing the Edikio printer by Evolis which will print price tags of PVC cards, and allow you to create attractive labels quickly, efficiently, and economically. These solutions are easy-to-use, high performance, high quality, and innovative alternatives to labelling methods normally used by hospitality venues.


SA Harvest rescues food (stand A21)

SA Harvest, a national food rescue and hunger relief organisation, is aiming to engage with industry about food waste, sustainability, and redirecting food waste to alleviate hunger. It is launching a tourism campaign that enables socially conscious accommodation providers to share information about SA Harvest’s unique and sustainable model of food rescue.

Visit the stand to find out more about SA Harvest’s #UnionAgainstHunger, a petition that calls on government to address the systemic issues that lie at the root of hunger, and about SA Harvest’s Tourism Fighting Hunger initiative.

Activities: Prizes on the SA Harvest stand.


Sime Darby Oils shows quality oils (stand B16)

Sime Darby Oils SA has a Gauteng-based refinery and packing facility. It produces industrial ingredients, pastry fats, industrial margarines, shortenings, and frying oils. At Hostex, Crispa Gold Cooking and Frying Oil, and other brands will be on show.


Sir Juice’s juicy products (stand A17)

Sir Juice is introducing SOMA, a fresh, cold chain range of plant-based, non-dairy oat and almond milks, as well as Luckybird, a range of carefully crafted syrups and purées – all are locally produced.


TallOrder POS solutions and myStock (stand C13)

TallOrder POS Solutions is launching a new add-on product called myStock – a new generation inventory application now offered as a web-app. It runs stand-alone from the TallOrder POS application and introduces an approval process for inventory management, a detailed inventory access control process, and stock requisitions alongside purchase orders and stock transfers. Also on show is TallOrder, a cloud POS system that is fast, accurate, easy to use, affordable, and innovative, as well as other add-on products.

Activities: Win wine in the TallOrder competition! Four lucky visitors will each win a case of high-end wine from PaardenKloof Estate in a lucky draw. Drop off your business card or complete the online form. The PaardenKloof wines are Sauvignon Blanc ‘Bend in the Road’ 2019, Pinot Noir ‘The Kiss’ 2013; Shiraz ‘The Long Road’ 2011; and Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Flagship’ 2011.


Ultimate Water in foodservice spaces (stand F4)

Water impacts food service operations, and the quality of water used in any beverage will influence the success of the end-product, and the longevity of the equipment used.

Ultimate Water is the sole distributor of Everpure water filtration in southern Africa “Our product quality is measured from idea to delivery through a rigorous quality index, so our customers can trust our products’ performance. Our premium water filtration systems ensure water that’s free of contaminants, allowing you to serve the highest quality beverages,” says Ultimate Water.


Vulcan Catering Equipment shows upgrades (stand A11)

Vulcan is reinventing itself and visitors are welcome to come and see what we’re doing, says Vulcan. The company is introducing upgraded versions of its Lainox brand, including newer and better versions of Naiboo, Reload, and the almighty Oracle. Also on show will be the Minuetto Bake-Off System, which allows you to build the perfect combination of convection, artisan deck ovens, pizza ovens, provers and stands for your bakery. The Minuetto line features a compact and modern design that fits perfectly with most store décor.


Go Yoco Go! (stand C14)

Yoco is back at Hostex, this year showcasing its full suite of easy-to-use card machines at Hostex, specifically the Yoco Go, which the company describes as “the most affordable card machine in South Africa, perfect for low volume or new businesses. The Yoco Go accepts tap, swipe, chip, PIN, and mobile payments.

Activities: R100 discount on all devices sold at Hostex.


Sani-Touch’s compostable cloths (stand E14)

Sani-Touch is showcasing compostable cleaning cloths at Hostex – the new Buddy B Roll, which includes 200 multipurpose cleaning cloths made from plant fibre and are biodegradable and compostable; and Zonki Cloths, colour coded picture cloths that can be used for a day and thrown away. These cloths enable specific area identification without cross contamination, they are absorbent and UV treated for maximum hygiene, and cost-effective.

Activities: Sani-Touch is making three bird feeders from recycled Saniwipes which will be won in three daily lucky draw competitions at Hostex. Giveaways will be compostable cloths to visitors.