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Established in 1885, Yonsei University was founded as an educational institution based on the spirit of the Christ—truth and freedom to cultivate people of talent. Yonsei University has become a prestigious private university with over 130 years of history, and we have never stopped seeking new heights in making ‘Proud Yonsei over the World’ come true. Yonsei University Dairy and Yonsei University Nutrition & Health are valuable business bodies of Yonsei University. We are doing our best in developing top class products to accomplish our prime goals of enhancing national health and securing educational financial resources of Yonsei University. In a bid to do so, leading professors of Yonsei from Medicine, Biotechnology, and Nutrition Departments have joined Food Science Committee and are perfecting innovative and unique products under the industry-academic cooperation. On top of this, thorough quality management is the key to the best quality service for our customers. All these efforts added up to consumer recognition. Yonsei University Dairy was awarded the grand prize for Korean Consumers’ Business Confidence for 8 consecutive years and was nominated for MK’s best sellers. Yonsei Nutrition & Health is continuously expanding thanks to favorable reviews on red ginseng, healthy juice, and organic cosmetic products. Now and for many years to come, we promise to provide the best quality products on Yonsei University’s honor and trust, and that all profits will be bestowed upon the school’s growth. Your generous encouragement and feedback will be highly valued and appreciated in keeping our promise. Yonsei University Dairy products’ prior quality lies in their exceptional nutritional values. As mentioned before, numbers of qualified professors of Yonsei from various fields, including medicine, biotechnology, and nutrition fields are looking over the product quality and are in constant search of the optimal combination of ingredients and nutritional solutions. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, Yonsei University Dairy was able to come up with uniform quality. Most of Yonsei Dairy’s soymilk products have multiple types of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid to maximize the health benefits, not to mention our top-notch HACCP-certified production facilities.

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