Brew Your Success: 5 Reasons Why Good Coffee Equals Good Business

Greetings, fellow champions of the bean! Gather ’round and listen closely as I spill the beans on why good coffee isn’t just a beverage but a lifeline in the tumultuous seas of business. Whether you’re knee-deep in plumbing mishaps, navigating a rural hospital’s chaos, or battling monsters in a law firm’s basement, one thing remains constant: coffee. Here are five reasons why embracing the bean is crucial for survival and success in the corporate jungle.

It’s Social

My first job actually wasn’t bad. I started as a junior advertising executive back in 2005, where my boss absolutely loved coffee. So he personally made a pot of freshly ground filter coffee and he served it in the foyer to the first employees who arrived at work. Our official hours were from 8.30 am, but he arrived at 7.30 am to make and serve the coffee himself, and very soon, there was a cool little pre-work buzz from 8 to 8.30 where people from all levels of the company could hang out, chat over a cup, get the day humming. By 8.30, everyone was there and he opened the offices and the day always started with a bang after that!

Coffee: The Great Leveller

Coffee breaks aren’t just about caffeine fixes; they’re about collaboration and problem-solving. Picture this scenario: stranded astronauts, a part-time astrophysicist from accounts, and an R&D guru with secret experiments. Add a dash of coffee, and voila! Solutions emerge, problems dissolve, and teamwork triumphs.

Productivity Potion

Ah, the magic of coffee! It’s like legal cocaine (minus the legal drama). With serotonin receptors blocked, you’re not just awake; you’re invincible! Harness this power, and watch productivity soar—a win-win for you and your bottom line.

Investing in Employee Happiness

Take a leaf from Google’s playbook: happy employees equal happy business. While petting zoos and zorbing rooms have their charm, nothing beats good coffee. It’s the cornerstone of workplace happiness, a tangible expression of value for your team’s well-being.

Coffee: The Client Magnet

Ever heard of the 80/20 principle? 80% of your business stems from 20% of your clients. Want to be in that 20%? Welcome them with open arms—and a perfect cup of joe. A stellar coffee experience isn’t just a perk; it’s a business strategy that fosters relationships, seals deals, and keeps clients coming back for more.

Side bar: These are the kinds of coffee solutions we recommend, depending on where you work:

You work at the Playboy Mansion of businesses:

Using the above fail-proof logic, convince your boss to invest in a beautiful coffee machine, with some skilful baristas and a supply of artisanally roasted beans from the neighbourhood roastery.  Then offer to project manage the installation and contact your local roastery for the hook-up.

You work at the hip start-up but you’re small and growing:

Catch your boss on a good day (like after his skydiving or shark-cage diving day) and pitch him on the fool-proof, super-duper, fully-automatic coffee solution, where one touch of a button brings rainbows, unicorns and unlimited employee loyalty.  Again, offer to take point on the project, call up The Coffee Co and take all the credit for being the rockstar who saved the company from bad coffee.

You work in a van, a cubicle the size of a hamster cage or a public office, or your boss doesn’t get the value of coffee:

As you’re unlikely to get any help on this, you need to take matters into your own hands.  Solution: If you need espresso, then a Handpresso and a good automatic milk frother, like the Severin. If you’re into delicious black coffee, then a handgrinder and any of the manual brewing methods. You could even one-up the company and use their own kettle while you sit on the fire escape and enjoy speciality grade coffee while your boss sucks the dregs of his murky ‘Riccoffey’.

There you have it, folks! Embrace the bean, empower your business, and let the aroma of success permeate every sip. Now, armed with these insights, go forth and conquer the world—one cup at a time.

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Iain Evans, Publisher of The Coffee Mag, is the owner & publisher at True North Media. With a decade of experience in publishing, Iain has observed the growth of South Africa’s coffee culture. He champions the specialty coffee scene through ventures like Creative Coffee Week and “A Shot in the Dark” coffee roasting event. Iain’s publications have gained international recognition, recently being shortlisted for 2 Sprudgie Awards and partnering with prominent coffee events worldwide.

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